Why come to church?

The most important reason is because here you will encounter God as he speaks to us through the words of the Bible.

You may think this is a bold claim, but though the Bible was written many centuries ago it claims to be the very words of God which are relevant and life-changing in every generation. People’s characteristics haven’t changed! In particular we meet Jesus, the central figure of history who has transformed countless millions of lives.

The narrative of God’s relationship with us through history needs to be heard, and requires a response from us. The Bible tells us this life is not all there is which deep down we know and feel, and this is only the start of our existence – otherwise what is the purpose of it?

There are other reasons. At Grace Church you will find a group of people of all ages and personalities and from all walks of life who love, value and encourage each other through life’s journey – we think of ourselves as a family. There are friendships to be made, groups and activities to join in, and lots of support in times of difficulty. For more details of what we do click on the drop down menu above.