Why are we here?

Grace Church is a new church seeking to share the good news of God’s love with our community in Sandbach.

Grace Church was founded as a plant from Wheelock Heath Baptist Church, as part of Target 25, a vision to plant new churches in South Cheshire to serve the local communities and share the good news of Jesus.

Grace Church started as a group of Christians from WHBC began meeting together in November 2017, with the aim of a public launch of the new church on Easter Sunday.

On this page you can see more about why Grace Church and Wheelock Heath Baptist Church are here: our mission, core values, and some of our aims for the coming years.

Our mission
Our core values
Target 25

Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ in South Cheshire and to the ends of the earth to the glory of God. This is based on the Great Commission Jesus gave to his church in Matthew 28:18-20.

To make disciples of Jesus Christ: There are thousands of people in South Cheshire who do not yet know Jesus. We want to share the good news of Jesus with people so they can trust Jesus as their Saviour and then grow as his disciples (followers).

In South Cheshire: We recognise that our calling is both to the immediate area of our churches, but also to the many towns and villages in which our people live and work.

And to the ends of the earth: Our chief focus is in South Cheshire. But Jesus has given us the privilege to be part of his global mission. We do this through giving, prayers and sending people to serve the nations.

To the glory of God: The ultimate aim of everything we do is that God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit be praised by more people.

Just as DNA shapes the characteristics of a living organism as it grows to maturity, our hope is that these values will characterise our churches as we grow in grace together.

A God-Treasuring Community: Our purpose is to worship God. He is to be valued above all else.

A Gospel Community: The good news of Jesus can't be assumed for believers or unbelievers. The work of Jesus saves the lost and empowers believers for daily living.

A Listening Community: We believe God has spoken through the Bible and we intend to listen. We do this in all areas of church life, especially through expository preaching.

A Praying Community: Prayer is vital to the church as a way to adore our God and to depend on his work rather than our own strength.

A Loving Community: We are a diverse group of people who have experienced God's love in Jesus. We want this love to flow out in genuine love and care for each other and for our neighbours in the surrounding community.

A Serving Community: No one is a spectator. Whether putting out chairs or preaching the sermon, leading Sunday school or encouraging a brother or sister, everyone has a part to play.

A Proclaiming Community: When we go out on mission, we see our primary task as telling people the good news of what Jesus has done. This isn't for a select group but the task of every Christian.

A Planting Community: We believe that Jesus' primary method of building his church is through local gospel-centred churches. We are committed, God willing, to see the number of churches grow in South Cheshire, the UK and globally.

We want to be churches that are growing in effectiveness and faithfulness. To achieve this, we have set the following four targets to achieve by 2025. Some may happen sooner, but we are praying and working that, if God wills, we might achieve these things by that year.

Praying: To be more prayerful by 2025

In a previous generation of Wheelock Heath Baptist Church, a group of women noticed the small number of children in the life of the church. They gathered together to deliberately pray for more children and we now see the fruit of their labours. This example is just one of many where God has answered the prayers of his people. We acknowledge that our mindset is often more on events and human effort rather than prayer. We commit over the next few years to work hard to keep prayer central to the efforts of our churches.

Planting: To have three thriving, growing, disciple-making gospel churches in Winterley, Sandbach and Crewe by 2025

God has blessed us with Christians across South Cheshire. The best way to use this gift is to plant more local churches that can better reach these places. This has begun with a new church in Sandbach, alongside a renewed focus on Winterley. It is also our prayer that, if God wills, we may be able to plant a work in Crewe/Nantwich over the next few years.

Training: To provide training that equips God’s people for ministry throughout church life by 2025

Discipleship is an ongoing process and it is our desire that each of us grow in effectiveness. It is our aim to help members identify the areas in which they may serve their church (both formally and informally). This will also involve offering training to members to be more effective in their areas of service, whatever they are. Like Paul and Barnabas, we see it as vitally important that our new churches have elders to support the work (Acts 14:23). Therefore, we aim to grow the eldership by at least three men, by appointing an extra staff elder from outside and two new elders from within. We also see the need to train and appoint deacons and small group leaders to support the ministry of our growing churches.

Evangelising: To have increased evangelistic activity in all three locations by 2025

We believe evangelism isn’t the work of a few but the many. Therefore, we hope to equip members for evangelism. This primarily focuses on their loving deeds and gospel speech in the context of their friendships, workplaces and neighbourhoods. It will also be supported by quality ministries and events. We are grateful for all God has already done in the lives of God’s people and hope to increase this ministry more and more.